New Ionic Dental Technology from Japan Amazes Dentists — Soladey-2, The Toothbrush that Whitens you

Dentists, environmentalists and consumers alike are amazed at the leap forward Soladey-2 has taken in revolutionizing the toothbrush and everyone’s dental hygiene today. Working on light and saliva, Soladey-2 is clinically proven to be far more effective than any regular or electric toothbrush you currently are able to purchase in North America. The advantage is the Ionic reaction, created by gentle brushing under a good light source, this technology breaks down plaque on a molecular level causing the plaque to disintegrate and be washed away when you rinse. You no longer need to floss, you no longer need to use toothpaste, and it whitens your teeth as you brush, removing coffee, tobacco and other hard to remove stains. Many health and environmental benefits are directly associated with using Soladey-2, and the company urges consumers to educate themselves on the use of fluoride, or any other harmful chemicals in their dental habits. Education is the key to a healthy, brighter smile.